Once Upon A Millinery, Part Two


Once Upon A Time is back!

I had quite the weekend leading up to the Season 2 premiere last week!

Indeed, it has been quite the few months of ‘mums the word’ and anticipation here at The Saucy Milliner’s atelier, as it is a spoiler-free zone! 🙂   [UNLESS you read past THIS! Possible spoiler alerts if you have been under a rock and not seen the first 2 episodes!]

In July, I was asked to make more of the Mad Hatter’s magic Portal Hat for the first two episodes. I made several copies of the same hat during Season 1 (read my previous blog entry *here*)  and I was very excited to learn that the hat would be back as a central prop in the first two episodes.  I had no time to waste, they needed a number of them quickly and the first episode was going to camera within days.  Instantly, my little atelier erupted into a frenzy of hat-making activity, which is actually pretty much it’s normal state, however now there was an appropriate dash of Madness to it!

A few photos of from my mad hat making session in July:

Ahoy, hatter! Hand sewing the grosgrain trim around the brim edge to give it a smart, clean finish. Even the hats I made which were crushed and burnt for the stunt where David belly flops on the hat when trying to dive into the Portal, all got the same Saucy treatment!


Sewing in the custom dyed head sizing ribbon. It's a beautiful coffee color which the in house dye department make. The pink lining is also custom dyed by them. Magic is later added by the Fairies, I think. 😉


Off to the studio on a hot summer day with my first batch of Portal Hats for Season 2! I later rushed home to continue with the order. Happy Hatter (ok, perhaps a wee bit mad, too, but one rather has to be to try to earn a living from hatting)


Time for a tea break! I believe I was actually trying to conjure a magic Portal to come out of my Granny's Diner mug. 'Make it work!' 🙂


As the season premiere approached, I was beginning to get more and more excited!  I don’t know about y’all, but I was READY FOR SOME ONCE! For whilst I work for the show, I am also a complete nerd for the show. I LOVE IT. I love the costumes, the characters, the action, the mystery – it’s such a funtabulous little gem to watch every Sunday night!

The night before the season premiere, I was very lucky to attend a wickedly fun party at  the Evil Regent herself’s palace here in Vancouver, with none other than The Blue Fairy as my super lovely date – Ms Keegan Connor Tracy. A huge supporter of The Saucy Milliner, Keegan wore one of my couture pieces (A rather,  Mad Hatter-esque quilled topper) to the Vancouver International Film Festival’s red carpet event, earlier that same night.  She looks more like a Red Fairy, here! Meowsers!

Keegan Connor Tracy wearing a fab outfit by Misty Greer, Lace Embrace Atelier and The Saucy Milliner at VIFF's red carpet party. Hot stuff!


After her red carpet party, she picked me up in a cloud of fairy dust and we headed to Ms Parilla’s house, where we arrived at the same time as a bunch of the 7 Dwarves. What a fun bunch to party with!  Everyone was so excited about the premiere the next night – it was a festive evening indeed. Thank you, Lana!

The Mad Hatter and The Blue Fairy (in a Saucy Milliner couture piece) at The Evil Regent's.

It felt like Christmas Eve going home, after the party because I knew that the very next night I was going to meet up with everyone again and get an overdue dose of my Fairytale fix!

The premiere party was a downright blast. Cast, crew and their families were all there to celebrate the already several months work everyone had put into Season 2 so far.  The room was buzzing with excitement and anticipation. We started by watching the Season 1 recap which aired before the new episode. There was much live Tweeting by @ginnygoodwin who looked adorable as usual, and when the show itself finally started, the crowd erupted with cheers and hoorahs.  What a GREAT episode one! When the magic Portal Hat finally made it’s appearance, I clapped and let out a loud whoop like the millinerd that I am. What can I say? I worked hard on those hats and they deserved and applaud! Hee hee.

It was truly a magical evening and I am very grateful to have been a part of it, thank you, ABC for throwing such a fun party.  Here’s to a great Season 2 – I can’t wait to see which worlds we get to visit, what having Magic back in Storybrook will mean exactly, which villains and heroes we get to adventure with and of course the costumes….sigh…those gorgeous costumes! 🙂

American friends you can watch Once Upon A Time online HERE at ABC and in Canada check it out on www.CTV.ca

Here are some screen grabs from Episodes 1 and 2 – Remember to tune in and tell your friends!


i have my theory as to who this fine looking fellow is. I'll keep it to myself. Oh, and ABC- I want the SIGN in the background!! 😉


THis is right about where I let out my 'Whoop!'. Isn't that leather case gorgeous? It is also handmade. (not by me)


No pressure, Regina, but...'Make it WORK!"


OWIE! The poor Hat after David tried unsuccessfully to dive into the open Portal but ended up belly flopping onto it. Ouch. For both of them!


It's OK, David, that's *exactly* how I feel after sitting on and crushing one of my own hats, here at the The Saucy Milliner's Atelier, too. There, there. I'll make you another.


EPISODE 2 Screen Grabs


That is one seriously destroyed Portal Hat. <sniff> That it is flanked by (the tops of the heads of) two exceedingly handsome men makes the pain of seeing it in such a state a *bit* more bearable. 😉


Boys! Boys! Don't fight over the Hat, I can fix it! *I* can MAKE IT WORK! (well, perhaps I can...it's looking pretty rough)








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  1. George says:

    Got here via Taryn Laronge. Love your site, Saucy. Love all hats, especially my berets, always looking for another. Saw some worn by French paratroopers, and were they voluminous! You’ve got a fan.


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