The Evil Queen Hat – Episode 20, Season 2

From time to time, I get asked to make hats for ABC’s Once Upon A Time – a  fantastical fairytale-based tv show that is about to air the end of it’s second  season (Renewed for a third! Yay!).  I’m such a huge fan of the show and it always fills me with glee to be able to participate in the costume magic.

For  Episode 20 of Season two, which just aired, I had the fun privilege of collaborating with the costumes department on a piece for Queen Regina, played by Lana Parilla. In this episode, we see her fully take on and embrace the title which the people of her kingdom unceremoniously, yet aptly, gave her …”The Evil Queen”.   Through flashbacks to the Fairytale Land ‘that was’, we see her finally make her inner Evil Regent more of an outer Evil Regent.


Mirror...Mirror... Who is the most Evil of them all? (screen shot from Once Upon A Time, Episode 20, Season 2 - 'The Evil Queen')

On a visit to The Granville Island Hat Shop, the show’s costume designer, Eduardo Castro, saw a cocktail piece that I had created, called Web.  He asked me to recreate just the base of the hat (Web is elaborately trimmed in veiling), which, of course,  I was thrilled to do.  I used an authentic 1940’s hat block to hand-block and create the perchy, military cadet style hat, in a gorgeous, plush fur felt.  I made two of them – one for Ms. Parilla’s stunt double, as well.

One Very Evil hand blocked hat for HREH. (Her Royal Evil Highness) This hat is handmade on a 1940's hat block!


Two Very Evil hats for HREH and the stunt double for HREH.

When one of the lovely ladies who works with Eduardo came over to my atelier to collect the hats, I suggested using some black peacock herl feathers on the side of the hat as trim, which the costumes department decided to do.  It looked great!!   They used a beautiful rhinestone brooch and some black ribbon to anchor the feathers jauntily, creating an imposing and regal percher, fit for an Evil Queen. Gorgeous! The whole costume was (as usual) absolutely stunning, with the black percher hat the cherry on the top of a very evil costume-y cake. Eduardo and his team’s work never ceases to make my jaw drop.  I love the show, largely because of the rich, flamboyant costumes that they create, week after week.  Secretly I wish I could dress like the Fairytale Land characters all the time.

(Sometimes I do)

The gorgeous rhinestone brooch before I aged it.


...and the same brooch after I aged it to give it a more regal and antique-y look. It still catches the light in a fetching (and Evil) way, I assure you. 🙂



If you are a fan of the show, a cosplayer, or just in need of a sexily militaristic hat fit for an Evil Queen, contact me on and I would be happy to custom re-create  this versatile cocktail hat for you.  Perhaps you would like one in Electric Blue or Emerald Green?  MEOW!

I’ve already made one for my own personal collection and I can’t wait to wear it out – perhaps for a glass of shiraz at the Sandbar after a day of hatting tomorrow night? An Evil glass of shiraz, that is…

Each Evil Queen hat comes lined in silk and with a special hair elastic to secure it to your head.  Each piece is provided with it’s own hat box, which is shipped inside a sturdy outer box. Your own Evil Queen hat will be custom made to order, hand crafted by myself in my Vancouver atelier, using the  same unique 1940’s hat block from my collection that I used to make the original hat base.  The rhinestone embellishment is also same one which the costumes department trimmed my hat base with! I am a full time milliner and hatter using only the finest materials to create heirloom quality hats and headpieces.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me on with any queries or to place an order.

Also available for purchase on my Etsy Shop (one ready to ship) –

The Evil Queen hat - side profile. Left is the front.


The Evil Queen Hat - Side profile close up.


The Evil Queen Hat.








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