Derby Daze: Saucy Milliner hats Available in Louisville!!

Firstly, apologizes for the delinquency in regular blog posts! Yikes! I have so many half baked entries that need finishing, and I promise to do so once the flurry of preparing hats for Derby settles, a bit! I need to tell you all about my adventures in NYC and my week of hatting in Nashville and everything in between!

When I was a young Saucy Pup, growing up in Cape Breton, my beloved grampa Dunlap would often take me down to the track to watch the sulky racers train the horses and he would tell me stories about when he used to race his own horses, before I was born. I couldn’t get enough of his tales and re-enactments of the more dramatic races, and stories of mischief the jockeys would get up to. I remember him making quite the occasion out of watching the big thoroughbred races with me – the Queens Plate, the Royal Ascot and of course the Kentucky Derby. We would make our ‘bets’ and gather around his television and cheer them all on, shaking our fists in the air and shouting like mad, during the race, and then waiting for the winners to be presented with their awards or blanket of roses.  Such magic!  It is with that same excitement that now, as a grown up, I am able to participate in the Kentucky Derby in a way I could not have imagined, as that 5 year old horsey girl jumping up and down with her gramps, hollaring at the TV set, in wonder at the pageantry and to-do.

I am very pleased to announce that Paul’s Hat Works of Louisville will be featuring a curated collection of hats by my brand, The Saucy Milliner. I am SO thrilled to be partnering with my friends at Paul’s for this wonderful opportunity. I have been working very diligently and passionately, designing and creating hats to send to their lovely new shop at 1381 Story Ave. The collection is very classic and clean in it’s lines and trim – I wanted to make hats that would transition easily to several summer events and occasions. Taking my fashion cues from my years spent living in England, I have created hats that are elegant and timeless, using the finest materials that I had shipped in from London – the same materials used in the hats favoured by the Royals and those attending races such as the Epsom Derby and the Royal Ascot. I am using a selection from my new hat blocks which I had custom made for me by the finest hat block makers in England to create silhouettes that are stylish and bold, yet classy and alluring. I’m very proud of the collection I have created and I hope you visit the shop and try them on. More hats on the way shortly, too…

I hope to actually visit Louisville for the race event, itself! I’m trying to find a place to stay, so if you know of somewhere affordable or can help out, *please* let me know! I am happy to pay in hats! 🙂

Follow me in FACEBOOK for regular pictorial updates and lots of photos! I also have hats here in Vancouver, ready to ship that are pictured in my derby album on Facebook:






Eloise - Available at Paul's Hat Works, Louisville


'Cranberry Cocktail' Available at Paul's Hat Works, Louisville


'Nadia' - Available at Paul's Hat Works, Louisville


'Poppet' - Available at Paul's Hat Works, Louisville



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