Bespoke Services

I am delighted to offer custom creation of the finest millinery in all manner of ladies hats, using the highest quality materials sourced from around the world, my robust collection of both vintage and custom made hat forms, and a combination of traditional British and contemporary millinery techniques.

As well as being an experience milliner, I am pleased to offer  a traditional, bespoke hatting  service for both men and women (hatting is a different trade than millinery, involving a different skill set and tools). I use antique hatting tools and equipment, vintage ribbon trim, the finest quality beaver fur felt and age-old technique to custom create unique and stylish toppers.  Whether you’re looking for traditional silhouettes such as cloches, fedoras and berets or cocktail hats and headpieces, a hand-sewn, made-to-measure hat is a great way to make a personal style stamp.  Let me tailor an heirloom quality hat for you that is just as unique as you are.

A typical Bespoke Service looks something like this:

First, we will arrange a date for your consultation appointment. On that day you will be shown into my atelier where I will take a proper measurement of your head. It’s painless, I promise. Once that is through we will chat about your own ideas for the shape, colour and materials of your bespoke hat and I will do a preliminary design fitting which will be based on these ideas, and also on your shape of face and build. Feel free to bring in any drawings or images that inspire you.

Depending on the type of hat you choose and the materials needed you should be sporting your bespoke hat in four to six weeks. A second visit may be needed to ensure fit before the final trimming, though this will be discussed at your consultation.

While rush orders are sometimes possible, four to six weeks is the standard amount of time necessary to create your hat. Please consider this if you are trying to look your best for a particular event. Payment in full is taken at the time you place your bespoke order. Kindly note – all millinery is final sale, no returns or exchanges.