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Daisy Blue-canan

Keegan Connor Tracy is a true Hat Lover. When I first met Keegan, what became clear to me right away, was that I had indeed found a kindred hatty spirit.  What I did not know, right away, was that aside from being a talented actress (Bates Motel, Once Upon A Time, Battlestar Galactica) she is also a talented jewelry making enthusiast and quite the creative and crafty soul! Keegan has been a huge fan and supporter of The Saucy Milliner  since the day we met at the Once Upon a Time season one wrap party  when she struck up a conversation with me over the head piece I was wearing!  After hatting her up for several occasions and seeing what a crafty and fashionable gal she is, it was not long before I had the the idea that she might be interested in guest designing for The Saucy Milliner.  When …Read more

The Evil Queen Hat – Episode 20, Season 2

From time to time, I get asked to make hats for ABC’s Once Upon A Time – a  fantastical fairytale-based tv show that is about to air the end of it’s second  season (Renewed for a third! Yay!).  I’m such a huge fan of the show and it always fills me with glee to be able to participate in the costume magic. For  Episode 20 of Season two, which just aired, I had the fun privilege of collaborating with the costumes department on a piece for Queen Regina, played by Lana Parilla. In this episode, we see her fully take on and embrace the title which the people of her kingdom unceremoniously, yet aptly, gave her …”The Evil Queen”.   Through flashbacks to the Fairytale Land ‘that was’, we see her finally make her inner Evil Regent more of an outer Evil Regent.   On a visit to The Granville …Read more

The Saucy Milliner Harris Tweed Collection

For as long as I can remember, I have been wearing hats. For almost as long as that, Harris Tweed has been a presence in my life and my wardrobe.  In the same way that my Grampa Dunlap introduced a very young Saucy Pup to the fun world of hats, so did he introduce me to the famous Custodial Orb. It’s the Harris Tweed Orb label that I actually have memories of, before the concept of the tweed, itself. I remember my grampa having a sports coat in which this large, square, white and red patch resided on the inside of one of the front panels.  I thought the Orb was an icon of some sort of magic and that the label gave the jacket special powers.  I had a pretty healthy imagination, which has largely (and thankfully) survived intact, as it served to fuel many adventures when I later …Read more

Blue’s Bonnets – On the cover with Keegan Connor Tracy!

More great Saucy Press this week! Talented and lovely Vancouver actress, Keegan Connor Tracy is known to most as the Blue Fairy on ABC’s Once Upon A Time.  She also happens to be a very proactive Hat Revivalist and huge enthusiast  for The Saucy Milliner designs. I was tickled pink when she asked if she could wear some of my hats for a recent photo shoot she did for the Westender to accompany the wonderful feature article they did on her.  Pick up a copy this week or check out the article online *here*. You can  follow Kegan on Twitter at @keegolicious