The Saucy Milliner

As far back as I can remember I have always worn and loved hats. That love began when I was very young, playing dress-up in my Grandpa Dunlap’s old jackets and dusty, well worn fedoras – usually whilst adventuring deep in the wilds of the spare room’s closet, hoping for a glimpse of Mr. Tumnus. Later, as a teen, I was thrilled to add a fedora, in the style of my hero, Indiana Jones, to my ever-growing collection. This hat in particular came in handy for my 7 year adventure in Europe and England where both myself and my passion for hats matured. My love for hats and my collection of vintage pieces flourished during my time spent living in such a hat-embracing culture.

But those early adventures only lead me to my true calling, the art of millinery.

Some years ago, I began the lifelong journey of becoming an accomplished milliner. Having trained under several master milliners, both in North America and the UK, I now take great pleasure in creating iconic, well-crafted pieces for lovers of fine quality hats. What’s more, I use my passion for classic films, found treasures and vintage curios to give each of my creations a one-of-a-kind twist.

Which brings us to the name. As a young girl in Leitches Creek, Nova Scotia, my curious nature and vivid imagination would get me into plenty of trouble around my Grandfather’s general store. When he’d find me, inevitably wearing one of his hats, he’d always ask, “Are you being a saucy pup, now?” Indeed I was. And even now, these notions of whimsy, adventure and romance inspire every piece I create. Which is why I’m known as The Saucy Milliner.