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Laulhere Eridan Beret

Laulhere Eridan Beret

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Laulhere's Eridan beret is truly beautiful. 

It is a fitted, basque style beret, made with Laulhere's signature, in-house crafted merino wool. The Eridan Beret is adorned with vintage and antique woven labels from Laulhere's incredible history, and other beret manufacturers that they absorbed over the decades gone by. These labels are literally a part of the beret manufacturing industry's history, and are truly remarkable. Each Eridan Beret has it's own, unique history to tell and once these incredible, precious labels are gone, so too will be this design.   

My clients who own an Eridan Beret tell me that they often get compliments and people remarking on the vintage woven labels. Is that just the magic of a great hat, though? The ability to encourage a conversation in a world where we walk around with our eyes glued to our phone screens - I just love it. This is certainly a hat that you will not only look fantastic in, but also maybe help us reconnect with one another a bit. Is that a stretch?

I like to think not. 

x Kelly 


*These are from Laulhere's luxury line, and come in their coveted, lovely hat boxes.

* Each is unique and may not be exactly as pictured. 

*These hats are sized and fitted, so please measure your head in cm. 

Laulhere's sizing is as follows: 

Small 55cm - 56cm 

Medium 57cm - 58cm 

Large 59cm - 60cm 

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