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The Saucy Milliner

The Traveler

The Traveler

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The Saucy Milliner Traveler Panama hat is ready for adventure! 

This design features a crocheted crown, which is wonderful for extra ventilation. I use the natural brim edge of the weave, for this hat, so the brim widths vary, but are all around 5" - perfect for keeping the sun off your face whilst you stroll along the boardwalk in Monaco, or as you hike through the oceanside dunes of Martha's Vineyard (or the shores of my sister's backyard pool in the suburbs, in my own, less-than-exotic scenario, lol). 

This is a simple, yet very elegant hat, which transitions very easily between dressy and casual. This season I have it in bleached panama, which I brought back from my last buying trip in London. My Panama straw dealer is from Ecuador herself, and she has been importing only the highest quality straws to the UK for decades. It is always a treat to visit her and benefit from her own knowledge, as well as the superior craftsmanship and uniqueness of her straws.

Pair the Traveler with your favourite summer dress or wide-leg linen palazzo pants for an effortlessly chic look. It's beauty is in the simple lines and timeless quality - the hallmark of authentic, handwoven Panama straw.

How To Pack: 

Sink your Traveler crown down, into your suitcase. Support the underside of the brim with clothes and fill the crown with small garments like socks or a tee. Make sure the brim is supported on the underside and the top, with clothing. You don't want the brim to bend, as it can leave a crease in the straw.  

This is not a rollable or 'crushable' panama hat.


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