How to Measure Your Head & Hat Care

Take flexible measuring tape, also called a ‘tailor’s tape’, or a ‘seamstress’s tape’ and, ensuring it is parallel with the floor, wrap it around the widest part of your head and forehead, just above your eyebrows and about 1/4 inch above your ears,  making sure to get the bump at the back of your skull.  

Most of my hats that are ready-to-ship are made in a standard 22.5" headsize.

Please email me with any questions about size and fit of the hats, or for help on finding your size or what I might be able to suggest, and please be confident of your size before purchasing, as sales on my handmade hats are final.

I love doing video consultations with new clients and first time shoppers, with me, so don’t hesitate to reach out.


Please do not wear your couture hat in the rain - use an umbrella if you think it will be a wet day. If you get caught in the rain, blot the raindrops with a towel, and then very gently brush up the pile of the velour finish of the felt, with a soft, natural bristle brush. I like to use a shoe polish brush (new and unused for polishing!). 

Always handle your hat by the brim, rather than pinching the crown to put it on. This will help preserve the shape or keep it a straw hat from breaking at the tip.

Store your hat in it's hat box when it is not in season.

It is always my pleasure to inspire and help you on your millinery journey, please feel free to drop me a line on, anytime.