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The Saucy Milliner

The Pan Am Percher

The Pan Am Percher

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A snappy little 40's, aviation - inspired percher hat. 

You will find this sweet number very easy to wear! If you have never worn a percher hat, but like berets - this is a great design to start with. It's sort of a mash up between a beret and a pillbox - a dashing silhouette that adds to any outfit, but not in a 'busy' way.  It's a great basic in black, and I adore it in jewel tones, which I will be making soon, closer to autumn, so be sure to get the scoop on shop restocks by joining my newsletter! 

I have had the hat block that I use to make this charming and popular percher hat, since near the beginning of my millinery journey. One of my early millinery mentors bought the contents of one of the last big millinery outfits in Pennsylvania, when it closed, and had pallets full of blocks. When he told me to make a wish list of blocks that I wanted to add to my collection, I nearly fainted! This was one of the ones that came to me from that very fortunate haul. 

Suits headsizes 22" - 22.5" 


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