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The Saucy Milliner

The Saucy Milliner 'Blake Fedora' as created for 'A Simple Favor'

The Saucy Milliner 'Blake Fedora' as created for 'A Simple Favor'

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A bold-crowned fedora with a sweeping, dramatic brim, bring an extra helping of panache to this best-selling, Saucy Milliner couture design, as created for the movie, 'A Simple Favor', and worn by gorgeous Blake Lively in her character's dramatic reveal scene. 

Clients love wearing The Blake Fedora, with several of them owning it in Black and Bordeaux, as well - two other colours I make it in. I get regular reports of compliments received and the confidence boosting magic that comes with wearing a hat that you feel great in! 

The bold, 5" crown is tempered by the two, hand cut, lambskin straps, which create a balanced proportion. You can move the straps closer together if you want the crown to appear taller.  The organic nature of the materials used in the trim, paired with it being handmade, means each is subtly unique, though it will be as screen accurate as possible.

It was such a treat and an honour to be a small part of this immediately iconic look - many thanks to designer extraordinaire, Renee Ehrlich Kalfus, for this wonderful opportunity. I love the whole look she created - pairing it with a stunningly delicious, vintage Ralph Lauren (my favourite designer!) suit made me swoon. Thank you, Renee!

When will I have more ready to ship? 


I have to go to NYC to buy more of the leather that I use to trim it, in person, to ensure a perfect match, as the company that makes it, doesn't offer it online. Many of the few remaining suppliers to my trade, still operate in this old world way of doing business and to be honest - I love it. Buying in person ensures that I am able to guarantee the quality in my materials, which is of the utmost importance to me. 

I usually make a small handful of Blake Fedoras every month, so be sure to sign up for my newsletter, to get the restock updates! 

Apologies, but I am unable to take pre-orders or dibs, as availability on my materials these days, is never guaranteed. 

Thank you to all of my wonderful ladies who have helped make this hat one of my best-sellers - I absolutely love to make it and adore hearing from you all, on how much fun you have wearing it! 

xx Kelly 


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