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The Saucy Milliner

The Swerve Beret

The Swerve Beret

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A beautiful, sweeping asymmetrical beret.  I just love the silhouette of this svelte, easy-to-wear hat. From every angle, it looks different, yet completely alluring and flattering.  It is a more recent addition in my library of beret blocks, and fast becoming a favourite among my clients who know what a great secret wardrobe weapon a finely formed beret makes.  This was one of my most-requested berets from my clients who specifically wanted to liven up their Zoom Call wardrobes, with one client owning a different colour Swerve for each day of her work week! 

I am very meticulous about my hand blocking, and for the Swerve, like many of my beret style hats, I use a vintage, wooden hat form, called a 'puzzle block', because it cleverly comes apart in pieces, so as not to distort the shape of the beret, once it's been blocked and dried. The felt I use is the highest quality millinery fur felt, from Europe that features a luxurious, velvety finish. Inside, you will find a hand sewn, matching grosgrain ribbon, using discreet, invisible stitches. I believe the details on the inside that you do not see are just as important as the ones that you do! 

The Swerve is a standard head size of 22.5".  

I have many clients who are a 22" ( myself included) and wear it, with it still fitting wonderfully. Sizing foam is included to snug the fit up, if you are a 22", though you may find it ok as is. It secures with a discreet elastic which slides around the back of your head and under your hair - though you may wish to just snip it out, if you find the hat sits in a pleasing and secure way.  

I only make a handful of Swirl Berets for each shop restock, so be sure to sign up for updates on when the restocks happen! Please note, the Leopard Print Swerve is a different price. 

Please measure your head accurately as sales on these handmade hats are final. 

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