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WBA Fedora

WBA Fedora

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The perfect, everyday fedora with an extra helping of panache. I just love asymmetry in my designs, and I find the way the subtle upsweep on the 3.5" brim echoes the flow of the crown, very svelte and alluring.  If you are attracted to medium to wider brims, this fedora is for you. 

This design is a bit more of a process to create, as I block this piece over two days, allowing the crown to dry before sinking it into the brim block (this allows a more precise and sturdy blocking), but I really do love that it's a bit more of a process. Fine millinery can't be rushed. 

For this dandy fedora, I use custom designed hat blocks, which my block maker in the UK made for me. The brim has a nice, subtle upturn that flows from left centre front to back, echoing the asymmetry of the crown. It's a very nice balance of chic and just the right amount of drama.

I hand blocked this hat in a gorgeous, double sided-plush fur felt, which is sustainably sourced and made in the Czech Republic. It is trimmed with a luxury Japanese grosgrain, using my signature double bow. 

Size and Fit:

This hat is made in a standard head size of 22.5". 

Please measure your head before making your purchase, as sales on my couture hats are final, and feel free to ask me questions! 

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